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The Keynote Address - State Literary Award Ceremony 2015

The Keynote Address - Martin Wickramasinghe Birth Anniversary 2015

Prof.Nandasena Rathnapala Memorial lecture
Caste and Social Mobility

Caste A Socio Historical Study
Caste: an Indian Manifestation Of Social Inequality

Social Capital A Sociological Analysis
Magic - A Social Anthropological Study
Changing Status Of The Indian Caste System

The Role Of Religion In Sri Lankan Society

The Socio Anthropological Background Of Folklore
The Keynote Address - Godage National Literary Award Ceremony 2015
Origin And Development Of Society In India
Social Cultural And Symbolic Importance of Rice In The Sri Lankan Society
Is Bodhi Puja a Tree worship? A Sociological Study
The Keynote Address Henry Steel Olcott Memorial Function At Darmaraja Collage, Kandy
Sociological Analysis Of Rituals Associate with Pirith Chanting and Bodhi Puja