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  • Supporting and developing Ira Amarasekera Maha Vidyalaya founded by the late Mrs. Ira Amarasekera
  • Providing text books and stationery to all students of the school annually in  memory of the late Mrs.Ira Amarasekara.
  • Carrying out a programme to provide books and stationery to the needy students in other areas in the country
  • Implementing a programme to rehabilitate street children/orphans in Kurunegala district and bring them back to society.
  • Identifying poor students who have passed higher competitive examinations at the national level and sponsoring them to further their educational advancement.
  • Providing physical facilities needed to uplift the living conditions of the poor who have neither houses nor sanitary facilities.
  • Helping people who are in need of assistance to receive treatments for unexpected illnesses to get required medical facilities.
The late Mrs. Ira Amarasekara, mother of Professor Daya Amarasekara, was a veteran educationist and a well known author from Sath Korale. She was a philanthropist and a social worker with a vision whose lifelong mission was wellbeing of children. Coming from a privileged background Madam Amarasekara could have lived a comfortable life as a career educationist but she decided otherwise. She embarked on a path that not many in her time and position would have chosen and devoted her entire life to improve education of children from under privileged groups and under serviced communities. Thus education became a calling not just a career for her.
Her dedication  to the mission she has embarked on is amply demonstrated by Ira Amarasekara Maha Vidyalaya,  a singular achievement that stands today as a symbol of  her many contributions to improvement of children's education in Sath Korale.. She not only achieved  this challenging task almost single handedly and turned a dilapidated village sermon hall into a well equipped school but also served as its Principal for well over 30 years.  The Education Ministry of the North Western Province, having recognized the noble service she has rendered for thirty long years as the founding principal to this institution  named it in her name.  It is a little known fact that this is the first and the only occasion so far a school in this country has been named to honour a founding principal. 
Her humanitarian mission was not limited to educating children. She also was a dedicated social worker and community leader who contributed to the wellbeing of members of her immediate community. She gave leadership and contributed actively to the Mahila Samithis (Women's Societies), Women's Banking Systems and the village development programmes of Sath Korale. Most of all she was not only a mother to her family but to all young children of the nation. The many volumes of books she has written and the newspaper articles she has published imparting advice to teenage children, especially girls, rendered an invaluable service that remain even today.
The Ira Amarasekara Memorial Foundation today under the patronage of her son Professor Daya Amarasekera is continuing the vision and mission of the late Mrs. Ira Amarasekera.
Ira Amarasekara Foundation was established by her son Professor Daya Amarasekara who is a Professor in Sociology at the University Peradeniya with the objective of continuing her work.  It is not only a fitting tribute to a deserving human being but also is a service to those children from disadvantaged communities who have little access to benefits of services, especially those of education, that we take for granted. The following are the specific objectives of the Foundation.
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