Ph.D. in Sociology,
Professor Daya Amarasekara,
Senior professor in Sociology,
Depatment of  Sociology,
University of  Peradeniya,
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
1.    Expansion of knowledge in general
2.    Generation curiosity, which is essential for knowledge seeking. Dissemination of knowled is an important part of  my University academic work according to my vision as a University teacher
I believe that a University teacher has two equally important tasks. One on is imparting knowledge and the other is seeking it. My vision as a University teacher is equally divided between the two. However, I believe that seeking knowledge for the sake of knowledge is of limited value and helps accumulation of knowledge only in its very narrow sense. There for I trust that if the knowledge gained through research is knowledge to the academia and university teacher has no interest in taking his confident only to the people that research is of no value. Dissemination of knowledge I believe is fundamental in achieving the following two objectives.


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